is more than software

is people

is our values

is a lifestyle


Our overarching values include proven skills, quick action, respecting customer budgets, no excuses and no language barriers.

Open door
We have an open-door policy in which there are no wrong questions; all topics are important. We are all people, and we prioritise relationships, cooperation and offering a welcoming atmosphere. A quiet and pleasant working environment is essential; thus, we consciously create our balanced Netbulls ecosystem.
Personal development
Today’s world is one of continuous learning and self-perfection. We work in new technologies, some of which we develop ourselves. Therefore, we guarantee support for new and existing employees through dedicated mentors and our onboarding programme. Additionally, all our employees have an annual development budget at their disposal. It can be used... or not. You decide.
Business partners
Our customers are our partners. We focus on transparency and professionalism by always considering the customer’s business case and offering cost-optimised solutions. We are honest and expect the same from our partners because treating each other as equals guarantees a win-win collaboration. Does this sound too good to be true?
Check out our portfolio
What is a typical day like with us? It starts with a handshake and a cup of coffee. We treat one another with respect and enjoy spending time together. It’s more than a pay cheque; we have fun while building success!
We are ourselves
What are we against? Corporate life! While we don’t have a book of procedures to memorise, our rules are clear, and everyone knows their responsibilities. We work according to the Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement. We are professional yet human and enjoying life. Want to find out for yourself? You’re welcome to pop in for coffee!
Be Like Netbulls
Writing about work–life balance is trendy, but we don’t pretend to be something other than a group of people who work hard, have fun and truly enjoying doing their jobs. This is all done in the proper proportions and without unnecessary labels. If you throw in a sarcastic sense of humour, that is Netbulls after hours.
We are committed to transparency, so we present the culture of our organisation by showing ourselves. Are you curious about who we are? What creates the famous atmosphere of Netbulls? What projects can we boast about? We want everyone to see a piece of Netbulls, because we are worth it!

Our Perks

Fruit Thursdays? Sweet Fridays? We’re not fond of labelling;
let’s just say we eat fruit, pizza and cake when we feel like it

Flexible Employment Types
Flexible employment types
Elastic Work Hours
Elastic working hours
Development Budget
AN INDIVIDUAL EMPLOYEE development budget
Onboarding Programme
onboarding programme
Company Events
NUMEROUS company Events
Free Parking
a COMFY office with free
parking for cars
for cars and bicycles alike!
Table Football And Darts
table football and darts
FitProfit Card
A FitProfit card
No Dress Code
No dress code
Hybrid work

THE Recruitment process

The recruitment process comprises four simple steps:
Depending on the position,
we’ll have you complete a task.
Welcome aboard
Send us your CV. We’ll call you
for a short preliminary interview.
We’ll invite you for a face-to-face interview.
We’ll contact you with our final decision.
We have simplified the onboarding process for new employees as much as possible. Upon joining our team, you’ll receive a short guidebook, which offers the most important information at your fingertips. Additionally, we’ll welcome you with a gift; the Netbulls welcome pack is waiting for you!